Welcome to the Wright Fitness Burpee Challenge! This challenge will be for 21 days, beginning on Wednesday October 4, 2017. Each day (rest days not included) you will have to complete 3 sets of timed burpees. After a few days the time will increase. This challenge is for all fitness levels! Throughout the challenge I will be posting videos of different burpee variations that you are more than welcome to try.


The "Burpee" is a full body, strength training exercise; you will be utilizing every single muscle! As with our last couple of challenges you are more than welcome to post pictures or videos of your progress.


Below you'll find the days/ times outlined for the challenge.


I look forward to seeing how everyone progresses through this challenge! If you're on social media and you want to post pictures, be sure to hashtag #WrightFitBurpeeChallenge and tag us on Instagram (_wrightfit) or Facebook (Chazaree Good & Wright Fitness).





Burpee Challenge

?3X a day


Day 1- 30 Sec


Day 2- 30 Sec


Day 3- 30 Sec


Day 4- 30 Sec


Day 5-REST


Day 6- 45 Sec


Day 7- 45 Sec


Day 8- 45 Sec


Day 9- 45 Sec


Day 10- 45 Sec


Day 11-REST


Day 12- 1 min


Day 13-1 min


Day 14- 1 min


Day 15- 1 min


Day 16-1 min


Day 17-REST


Day 18- 1min 15 sec


Day 19- 1 min 30 sec


Day 20- 1 min 45 sec


Day 21- 2 min